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Posted: September 14, 2023Category: Q&As

What do the markings on containers mean?

Understand Container Markings - Labelled image with Check digit, ISO code, Max Weights & volumes, Certifications, and ownership information.

Ever wondered what the numbers and symbols on containers mean? The image above shows the following container features:

  • Container Number
  • Check Digit
  • ISO code
  • Max Weight including the container itself
  • Weight of Container
  • Max Packed Weight
  • Max Packed Volume
  • CSC Plate & Other Certifications
  • Container Owner / Lease Company

Notice that the container number is both on the top and back of each container. The top number is there so that container handlers and drones (UAVs)  are able to find, track, monitor and record containers easily from aerial positions such as from port straddles.

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