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Event Logistics

Event logistics is one of the specialized services we provide that encompasses everything from storage to material preparation and efficient transportation of goods.

Method Logistics is now the recommended logistics service provider for all Christchurch city events and exhibitions. For all events, we offer full transportation services, both nationally and internationally. As well as storage of early consignments, packing materials during the exhibition and storage after the exhibition.

We have a team of experts to arrange a full door-to-booth service, inclusive of freight, customs and all handling. Method Logistics was approved in 2019 as a lead logistics provider to several venues throughout Christchurch city, some of these include Heritage Status buildings Meaning extra care is needed when on site. Here at Method, we always take the utmost care, whether its handling fragile exhibition items or moving those items across different sites with unique needs.


  • Our Services cover the inbound cargo (whether it’s by international arrival or domestic transport) into our warehouses and then consolidate for final delivery to the event. We also remove any packaging or discarded materials if needed.
  • We help with all customs and border clearance for international cargo when it arrives in New Zealand and leaves again after the event.
  • We also facilitate the movement of cargo to and from our warehouses.
  • As we cover International Freight Forwarding and National Transport, we can re distribute your items by any mode. We have even helped with distribution of prizes from an event.


  • Short terms storage pre and post event are also available on request.
  • At the close of the event or exhibition, we schedule a consolidated collection back to our warehouse ready for onforwarding.
  • Full range of packing materials if needed, however, we do reuse all packaging where possible.


  • We can deal directly with event organisers and the attendees.
  • We provide certainty, reliability along with a single point of contact for event cargo.
  • We also have several payment options to cater for any client.

Extra Information

  • On previous occasions bump in and bump out timeframes are outside of normal business hours, and we will operate 24/7 to meet expected timeframes.
  • We do access subcontractor services from time to time. These include crane hire, special equipment and also labour hire.

Overview of our Event Logistics Services

Overseas Exhibitors

  • Liaise with Overseas Exhibitors and provide them with all the information re: paperwork and import controls, to ensure a smooth transit to the event.
  • Arrange freight to CHC and full clearance and delivery to site on time and intact.
  • Hold all product in storage until event.
  • Arrange to position to stand and remove all rubbish/packaging during exhibit.
  • Liaise with the Exhibit team to ensure above meets with their plans.
  • Arrange to return packaging to site for pack out.
  • Complete export requirements for goods being returned overseas.
  • Liaise with exhibitor and provide full track and trace at all times.

Local Exhibitors

  • Arrange cartage from around NZ to CHC.
  • Should a local exhibitor want assistance with collating goods from multiple sites or suppliers
  • Method Global can be a receiving point to hold cargo.
  • Store these goods until required on site.
  • Deliver to stand.
  • Remove and hold packaging and rubbish.
  • Return packaging for pack out.
  • Arrange return of goods as per the instructions.

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