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We ship, store and manage all types of biological goods

We ship, store and manage all types of Biological Goods. Whether you are moving dirt, air samples or gold, we find solutions for every requirement.

Whether you’re moving dirt, air samples or gold, we find solutions for every requirement. Our team at Method have become pioneers when it comes to providing exceptional biological goods logistics.

This means we’re well-versed in health, safety and compliance, as well as in finding creative ways to meet your needs. Whether you’ve got a time-critical delivery or require dry ice shipping, we offer intelligent solutions across air, land and sea.

Repatriation Services

We also offer professional, discrete repatriation shipping services – the specialised transportation service dedicated to the transfer of human remains, often involving the use of hermetically sealed coffins or caskets, from one location to another.

Repatriation Services and Coffin TransportThis process typically occurs when an individual passes away in a foreign country or distant location, and their family or loved ones wish to bring them back to their home country or a specific burial site.

Our repatriation service ensures a dignified and respectful transfer of human remains, adhering to cultural, religious, and legal considerations. We help handle the logistics of transporting the deceased, which may involve coordination with various authorities, compliance with international regulations, and meticulous attention to the preservation and documentation of the remains.

Details in this area will include gathering the death certificate, confirmation that the deceased is free from notifiable diseases, a certificate of embalming, organising a hermetically sealed casket, and obtaining the essential export and import clearances for both New Zealand and the originating or destination country depending on the direction of the shipment.

Repatriation facilitates the grieving process for families dealing with the loss of a loved one in a distant location.

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