Specialists in shipping valuable and hazardous goods
3PL Logistics Solutions / Packing services

Dynamic freight packing and unpacking

We pack, unpack and repackage exactly as required

From post-import container unloading, to packing for export or domestic delivery, we offer a complete range of customized packing services.

Our team has years of experience handling even the most delicate of cargo with skill and care. Whether your goods are stored or need unpacking on arrival, we’ll get them ready as required for either national or international delivery. Proper packing can help with protecting products from damage during transport and ensures they arrive at their destination safely. 


At Method Logistics we offer a variety of packaging materials to cater to any and all needs. This can include items like boxes, crates, pallets, and wrapping materials like bubble wrap or foam padding. Furthermore, we can fully customize the packaging to fit the type of goods as well as mode of transport. We also make sure all goods are secured properly for transport with the use of straps, shrink wrap, etc. as well as label all items with specific shipping conditions if needed. 

Packing dangerous goods

Our team has expertise handling and labeling all dangerous and regulated goods. Depending on the type of goods being shipped there are specific regulations and requirements that must be met. Due to hefty penalties if dangerous goods are shipped incorrectly, we take the packing process very seriously. This is not only to ensure the safety of goods but also the people involved. 

Find out more about transporting dangerous goods here.

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