Specialists in shipping valuable and hazardous goods
Shipping services / Import

Experts in customised personal
and commercial importing

We find solutions for every importing need, coordinating the pricing, timing and mode of transport to suit your requirements

Whether you’re importing wood that needs to be fumigated, or a used vehicle that needs to be cleaned, our team has the knowledge to guide each and every unique import.

Import by sea

We are experts in incoming sea freight, with shipping methods to suit all cargo. From containerised shipping and cranes to ‘roll-on, roll-off’, we’ve got the means to ship any cargo from all over the world.

With partners across global hubs, we have an intricate knowledge of the entire personal and commercial importing process.

Import by air

Our air freight express service allows for urgent, or more cost-effective shipment, both nationally and internationally. We can also offer a more economical option through an international door-to-door courier service, which is perfect for smaller or time-sensitive shipments.

Customs clearance

When it comes to importing goods into New Zealand, you need to be backed by a team that know what they’re doing.

We have extensive customs and quarantine expertise, and experience dealing with the ministries involved. With extensive knowledge of the permits and Tarif headings involved, we guide your cargo through the entire process. This ensures complete compliance, and makes sure you’re getting the most accurate duties, GST, levies and concessions for your goods.

Our customs clearance expertise can be outsourced, or included under a full personal or commercial import service.

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