Specialists in shipping valuable and hazardous goods
3PL Logistics Solutions / Cross docking

Professional cross docking
to streamline your operation

We offer a personalised cross docking service

Looking to redistribute your cargo without the need for storage? Our team can pick up and unpack your freight and take it immediately where it needs to go.

With expertise in customs clearance and repackaging, we take care of every detail to keep things running smoothly and efficiently.

Cross-docking benefits

Cross-docking allows a bulk shipment to be consigned to our facility, where it will be broken down into your customers’ individual orders and shipped. Cross-docking is used to streamline operations by eliminating the need for warehousing and storage. This can help you cut down on inventory costs and reduce handling and transportation expenses. Cross-docking also allows for faster order fulfillment, as products can be quickly sorted and shipped directly to customers or retail stores.

List of Benefits:

  1. Reduced inventory costs
  2. Faster order fulfillment
  3. Lower transportation costs
  4. Improved supply chain efficiency
  5. Increased flexibility

Method Logistics is an Approved Transitional Facility for the Ministry for Primary Industries, shipping containers can be sent to Method Logistics direct from port for devanning, pending clearance from the Ministry for Primary Industries.

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