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Posted: February 13, 2024Category: Q&As

Navigating Vintage Car Imports: A Testament to Precision in Logistics

Embarking on a journey through time and history, antique car enthusiasts often find themselves confronted with unique challenges when it comes to importing these treasures across borders. From navigating legal requirements to ensuring compliance with safety standards, each step is a testament to the dedication and passion of both owners and enthusiasts alike.

At Method Logistics we've had the privilege of handling a variety of vintage vehicles, each with its own story to tell. One such tale revolves around a cherished Mercedes-Benz, belonging to a client whose life journey took them from the shores of New Zealand to the vast landscapes of Australia and back again.

Navigating the bureaucratic maze of import permits and compliance regulations, our team went the extra mile to facilitate the seamless relocation of this automotive gem. Beyond mere logistics, we understood the sentimental value attached to the vehicle, and undertook a comprehensive cleanup and grooming process to restore its lustre, ensuring it arrived in pristine condition, ready to grace the roads of its new home once more.


Saxon side on


Another addition to our vintage car portfolio was a 1914 Saxon, a true relic of automotive history, destined for a new owner in Australia. Amidst the excitement of its impending journey, regulatory hurdles loomed large. The stringent requirements for import permits and the necessity for asbestos testing and removal underscored the care demanded by vintage car imports and exports. We addressed each requirement, ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations. From securing the necessary permits to conducting specialized testing and facilitating safe asbestos removal. Ultimately, as the wheels of bureaucracy turned and safety measures were implemented, the 1914 Saxon embarked on its transoceanic voyage, poised to recount tales of yesteryears in a distant land.



In the realm of antique car imports, every vehicle embodies a piece of history, a testament to craftsmanship, innovation, and a bygone era. While the journey may be fraught with challenges, the rewards are immeasurable – a tangible connection to the past, preserved for generations to come.

As regular custodians of automotive heritage, we take pride in our role as facilitators, bridging the gap between borders and ensuring the seamless transition of these automotive treasures. Through dedication, expertise, and a reverence for the art of motoring, we continue to navigate the intricate pathways of vintage car imports, preserving history one shipment at a time.


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